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Quick Brick System

This Imprinted Concrete Product allows you to determine your own brick size, design, patterns and colors with Quick Brick. Flex-C-Ment’s Imprinted Concrete pattern creates a realistic Brick surface with it’s simplicity, ease and speed. Quick Brick is available for all your brick cladding projects from exterior Brick walls to garden walls. Flex-C-Ment's Brick Wall Cladding Patterns will look exactly like regular brick.


The Quick Brick is an easy to install, less prep work, lower labor costs achived through Wall Overlay Decorative Concrete System.

  • No loss of material during transportation
  • No unwanted color and tone variations
  • Offers variety of color , size and Imprinted Concrete pattern
  • Suitable and flexible for each Project
  • No deterioration due to frost and thaw cycles
  • Offers light weight concrete benefits
  • Breathable and contributes to insulation
  • Monolithic, never falls or brakes
  • Easy to apply, and gives great decorative outlook
  • No loss of material during transportation
  • By antiquing techniques, you can achieve old brick looks
  • No need for joint fillers.No need for bonding plasters. No need for final clean-up
  • Extremely fast application relative to conventional brick
  • No fading of natural colors with the Color Concrete Stamping
  • Easy to install on both interior and exterior surfaces
  • Creating colored joints is fast and easy
  • Adhesive strength at 1,2N/mm2 with it’s excellent bonding agent
  • Very low cost, easy & quick, Brick Wall Cladding System!

How to stop and continue during a Quick Brick application?